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Muslim Insider Christ Followers

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Muslim Insider Christ Followers: Their Theological and Missional Frames

by Jan Hendrik Prenger

Are Muslim insider Christ followers real believers? Are they Muslims or Christians?

Does that matter? The topic of insider movements is controversial within the church.

The debate rages on, opinions differ widely, and convictions often are defended aggressively. The set of voices sorely missing from this hot debate has been that of the insiders themselves. This book finally breaks that silence.

Henk Prenger researched the views of 26 Muslim insider Christ followers who are leaders in their movements. You will be surprised by their insights. Prenger presents their views on 21 theology-proper topics such as God, man, the gospel, sin, Satan, the cross, heaven and hell, the Bible, and our mandate. He plotted these views in a theological/missional framework with four paradigms: Fundamental, Ecumenical, Integral, and Global. This M-Framework is a powerful catalyst for honest conversations about theological paradigms that inform how we approach insider movements and the kingdom of God on earth.

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