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People, Trees, and Poverty (Snapshot Series No. 1)

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People, Trees, and Poverty: A Snapshot of Environmental Missions

by Lowell Bliss

With climate change, global warming, and the environment making headlines on an almost-daily basis, followers of Christ can find themselves asking, “What’s my role in this? What’s my responsibility? And how does it relate to the Great Commission?”

People, Trees & Poverty shares a high-level overview, a snapshot, of what it looks like to reach the unreached through advocacy on environmental issues. However, this book does more than raise awareness and pluck your heartstrings. It concludes with a critical feature, listing additional resources, gatherings, and organizations to move the reader from concern to action.

  • Pub date: April 5, 2018
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  • Format: This book is strictly an ebook due to its short-form, high-impact nature.
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Ebooks in the Snapshot Series aren’t traditonal books. They are the one chapter that you need to read out of the huge book you never seem to get through. At approximately 7000 words they are twice the length of an in-depth magazine article. They are packed with links to resources for further inquiry in a Wikipedia style manner, and an appendix with vetted partners you can trust to read or connect with.