Snapshot Series

Every book in the Snapshot Series is created to give you high-level overview of a subject that really matters in the world and to your faith. Each volume provides links to resources, gatherings, and organizations that will help you move beyond caring to action.

This series is geared specifically to Millennial and Gen Z readers who need to know where to start reading with some of the big issues of the day. Each volume of the series is a short "chapter-length" book that is essentially the one chapter to read out of the 400-page book you might not have time for. 

As digital books, Snapshots are filled with Wikipedia-style hyperlinks so that you can dig deeper on the subjects that you want to explore. Each volume in the Snapshot Series concludes with a section of how to Get Involved with specific links to resources to further your reading, events where you can connect with others who are thinking about these issues, and organizations who are open to you jumping in and helping them right now to make a difference.