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Rising from Ashes

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Rising from Ashes: Understanding Muslim-convert Churches Through the Iranian Experience

by Roy Oksnevad


There is much written about conversion, testimonies, and church-planting strategies among Muslims. Yet, relatively little has been written on what actually happens in these fellowships. Do these fellowships grow and become mature bodies of Christ or is the path more precarious? People coming to faith in Christ bring their own cultural heritage, patterns of behavior, and values, which are uniquely shaped by their religion, culture, and family, into their new fellowships.

Rising from Ashes explores how the cultural upbringing is expressed in the personal, interpersonal, family, leadership, and spiritual expressions of church life contributing to both the strengths and weaknesses of this nascent community.

  • Pub date: 2018
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Rising from Ashes provides a real istic and detailed look into the inner joys and struggles of ex-Musl ims now striving to l ive for Christ as a diaspora. Readers will be convinced of the priority of discipleship among Musl im converts to Christ, to pray, journey, and struggle with them more deeply and knowledgeably over the long haul.

John Cheong, PhD, missiologist and MBB discipleship researcher in Asia