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Spirituality in Mission

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Spirituality in Mission: Embracing the Lifelong Journey

Edited by John Amalraj, Geoffrey W. Hahn, and William D. Taylor

Authors from eighteen countries give us their perspectives on biblical principles and cultural expressions of spirituality particularly as the church engages in God’s mission. This anthology enriches our understanding of the depth and the meaning of being spiritual and the diversity of forms to live out the Christian faith.

The issue today is how spirituality should direct and guide a daily life as followers of Jesus in the engagement in the mission of God. No doubt that it has to do with our inner life and our relationship to God, but it is in showing our love and concern to others that we prove our love to God, according to the Apostle John (1 John 4).

Mission without spirituality will only be a human effort to convince people of religious theories. Spirituality without a missionary involvement of the church will not express God’s desire that the transforming gospel reaches every person. This book will help you rethink your understanding of what is spiritual, revisit your own spiritual journey, and appreciate the different forms of spirituality as they are described and performed around the globe.

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  • Published: 2018
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