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Village Medical Manual (6th edition) - Two Volume Set

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Village Medical Manual: A Layman’s Guide to Health Care in Developing Countries (6th edition) by Mary Vanderkooi, M.D., D.T.M. and H. 

Volume 1: Principles and Procedures (pages: 240)
Volume 2: Diagnosis and Treatments (pages: 580)

Village Medical Manual is a two-volume guide to health care in developing countries where expert medical care can be hard to find. Its intended use is by those who are required, by location and circumstances, to render medical care for which they are not professionally trained.

Both volumes are reader-friendly and easy to navigate. This manual will allow the reader to find the best treatments and procedures in a variety of medical situations. Each volume includes illustrations and instructions that assist in diagnosing and treating patients. Volume I includes medical principles and procedures for basic care and emergency situations. Volume II includes symptom, disease, drug, and regional indices to assist the reader in step-by-step diagnoses and treatment of patients. This useful two-volume guide is a handy reference for all lay persons who lack but need the skills to meet health care challenges in developing areas.